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Bed Race Rules & Regulations


  1.   Each team, consisting of 5 members (4 pushers and 1 rider), and must pay the registration fee.

  2.   Each participant (guardian if under age 18) must sign a release and liability waiver.

  3.   Participants must be at least 12 years old.

  4.   The bed must be beyond the finish line and completely halted before being released by the pushers.

  5.   The rider must sit or lay flat on the bed. No standing will be allowed. The rider must be on the bed as long as the bed is in motion and may not help at any time in the propulsion of the bed. If the rider falls off, the bed must come to a complete stop until the rider is back on.

  6.   The bed may be an existing bed or one made especially for the race. The bed must mimic a “real” bed. Twin size beds are recommended. Minimum size is 34”x71”.

  7.   Bed must have a minimum of four wheels, so situated to make the bed stable and safe. Wheels may be fixed or swivel. There is no type or size limit on wheels.

  8.   Bed must have no means of mechanical propulsion, only human power.

  9.   Beds must include a manufactured mattress.  No cribs, toddler, child-sized beds allowed.

  10.   Team name must be displayed on the bed and securely fastened.

  11.   Beds may be equipped with “push bars” on each of the four corners not to exceed 14” in length. Beds may not be pulled, only pushed from the sides or back.

  12.   All beds will be inspected for compliance with the rules before being allowed to enter a race. Beds that do not pass inspection will have an opportunity for correction. If a correction cannot or is not made, the team will be disqualified with no refund of registration fee.

  13.   The bed and/or team members cannot cross the center line of the racecourse. Team members cannot interfere with their opponents in any way during the race.

  14.   Your safety is very important to us. Please wear good running shoes or boots along with suitable attire for the weather conditions. Safety gear such as knee and/or elbow pads are encouraged. Riders are encouraged to wear helmets.

  15.   All team captains MUST attend the pre-race meeting. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Awards And Prizes 

Participants are encouraged to decorate their bed, and the team members in any theme appropriate for family audiences (ie. Sam Steele, sports theme, or be creative). Each bed will be judged during a “Parade of Beds” prior to the race. Awards will be given for "Best Team Spirit".


Prizes will be given out for

1st, 2nd and "Best Team Spirit"

Great prizes from The Bedroom Furniture Galleries


Race Info

The race course is approximately 100 yards in length. Teams will push beds down, turn around a cone, and push the beds back for a total of approximately 200 yards.
One of the most fun parts of a bed race is building your own bed and putting it to use. However, The Bedroom Furniture Galleries will supply beds to teams not having a bed of their own.  Donations are appreciated.

Two teams will race per heat with the winner advancing to the next round until a “Bed Race Champion” 
is determined. Team pairings will be random as determined by the Bedroom Charity Bed Race Committee and
will be announced the day of the race.


Failure to obey the rules and regulations or inappropriate conduct may lead to disqualification. Decisions by race officials will be considered final.  In the event of disqualification, there will be no refund of fees. The Bedroom Charity Bed Race Committee reserves the right to disqualify or remove, at its discretion, any team, costumes, or bed decorations deemed inappropriate or defies the spirit of the bed race competition

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